Wednesday, October 13, 2010

jim's husky

wish i would have taking more pictures of it. so pretty after it was done.  This bike was stolen from Jim's dad thirty years ago. Crazy story! I was jammimg back from billetproof in the buick when i caught a gleamer of faded red paint on the side of the road.  I instantly knew a husky was signaling me.  i did some hot pursuit driving, threw a bitch. I pulled up next to her.  I got out, it was a 360 8spd! I was hooked. Tthe funny thing was I noticed Robbins sport cycle stickers all over it.  Robbins sport cycle was the shop Jim's dad owned in the 60's-70's. They sold kaw's,husky's,bultaco's & a few others.  Jim & his brother dick race motocross through the 60's & 70's. I'll get in to that later.  So anyway i called Jim.  He said fuck that sounds like my dad's bike.  So i bought it.Well long story short it was the bike.  So i road it fucked up the crank, reverse thread crank pin.  I sold it Jim for a good price. Thirty years later Jim was reunited with the last dirtbike his dad rode.  Robbins sport cycle was the shop to buy your shit during the hayday.  I will get more into that at lter time.  Some very good stories.

george's 650

george's 650 finally came together. basketcase engines can be such a nightmare.  wrong parts, striped out shit. thank god i had extra parts laying around! now hopefully they don't blow it up and all my hard work goes to nothing.

phil's shop "endless cycles" in georgia

during the sumer pat & i took a trip to see benny in hotlanta,we took a drive to the hills to phil's shop. i love hanging with pat benny & phil!! phil's shop rulez! parts & bikes everywhere