Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Indian Scout

Can't wait to get the time to get her dialed in! That January day was historic to me! I've owned this bike for ten years. It was in my living room then my bedroom.  I had to put more bikes in the house.  There was 6 bikes jammed in my 900sqft house.  Plus parts, guitars, vinyl and everything else a collector of everything can find!   I woke up everyday and the Scout was the first thing I would see.  People always told me to sell it pay off debt, buy some food your to skinny.  Never! I told myself if I was ever to sell it, it would be for another Indian a older 101 scout.  Indians take cash to fix,which I never had.  I've  come to realize that I've choose to be poor for my love of the motorcycle!  Since I started wrenching on motorcycles I've never  made any money.  I've done tons of different jobs to try to pay the mortgage.  When the phone would ring and it was cash I would go.  I've been beat up abused and used just to get back to the garage.  In reality it will most likely be the death of me.  I'm o.k. with that.  When spring gets here and I can fire up the Indian and hit a country road a hard earned victory will be mine!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

the new member to the ROAD TO GLORY family!

Got my hands on a great craigslist find. I scored a 1942 WLA 45 motor and frame. The motor is definitely staying with me but not sure on the frame yet. She has been raked a bit and I'm not really digging it. Now comes the hard part how do we want her to look. The future is unknown.....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Larry Feece and his scouts

I met Larry at Wauseon  last year.  He had a beautiful restored Triumph TT with him.  We started talking about the bike and it came out that he was a Indian man.  He started telling me about his Sport Scouts, I thought wait a minute I know these bikes! What a awesome score he got on these.   These are true race bikes,  Jr scout frontends and tanks!  Just beautiful untouched bikes! He then told me about his   Indian factory racer that he bought out of the trunk of a very old guys car years ago.  I wish I could remember the year of it.  Larry is a awesome person to talk with and I so enjoyed our conversation.

The Wrecking Crew Indian Scout

 Even though I love WR's I love to see them get beat by a Indian!  I'm a Indian man! I own a bobbed 741 and I wish it was a Sport Scout.  The Indian Wrecking Crew are legends.  Real blood and guts.  These bikes are a tuners dream! No computers here to get it right, you had to know the engine, the weather and the rider to win a race!

Harley WR

 Austin got a great deal on a 42 wla engine and frame this week.  So I stole some pictures off the web of WR's.  The WR is a awesome bike its the best you can do with a "45" unless your a motor god.   I just love "45" motors, I spent many hours talking with "45" guru's at the AMCA meets.   There is nothing like the sound of a raging "45"!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Max Bubeck

Max passed away last year.  This guy is what legends are made of.  I've always wanted to build a Chout.  A dream bike of mine.  He beat guys in the desert racing his parallel twin Indian long after the company was gone.  I believe he was one of the first to compete with a non rigid swing arm frame.  Latter in life he would become a champion of the Hodaka, but never gave up on his love of the Indian.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The 29 DL Speer Special

I love this bike! This is my inspiration for my 29 D!  I'm still collecting parts! Got the frame, engine and trans now I just need to get the rest!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Benilli works racer

Most likely the coolest things you will ever see with 50cc.  A Benilli works racer!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Josh's Honda CB Cafe

Josh brought his CB to me last year.  I bobbed up the fenders, both front and rear.  Helped him rebuild the forks, added the fork boots and a clubman bars.  I got a really cool Ossa taillight that I fabbed up a taillight  and plate mount.  He wanted Uni filters on it so naturally it needed some tuning.  I think it looked better with the stock air boxes.   I tried to give it a nice traditional look.  He needs to get some reverse cones for it, the mufflers he has are ugly.  After I retimed it and tuned it the bike runs great.  The best its ran in years!  These 360s' are nimble and when properly tuned the bike is pretty fast.

Thursday, February 2, 2012
Local Film maker has made a Doc on Ron.  Go to Kickstarter and donate a $1!