Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Indian Scout

Can't wait to get the time to get her dialed in! That January day was historic to me! I've owned this bike for ten years. It was in my living room then my bedroom.  I had to put more bikes in the house.  There was 6 bikes jammed in my 900sqft house.  Plus parts, guitars, vinyl and everything else a collector of everything can find!   I woke up everyday and the Scout was the first thing I would see.  People always told me to sell it pay off debt, buy some food your to skinny.  Never! I told myself if I was ever to sell it, it would be for another Indian a older 101 scout.  Indians take cash to fix,which I never had.  I've  come to realize that I've choose to be poor for my love of the motorcycle!  Since I started wrenching on motorcycles I've never  made any money.  I've done tons of different jobs to try to pay the mortgage.  When the phone would ring and it was cash I would go.  I've been beat up abused and used just to get back to the garage.  In reality it will most likely be the death of me.  I'm o.k. with that.  When spring gets here and I can fire up the Indian and hit a country road a hard earned victory will be mine!

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