Monday, January 30, 2012

Tucker #46

When I worked for Mark at Nostalgic Motoring, we worked on alot of exotics.  One of the coolest was the Tucker #46.  Mark is a Tucker nut.  He owned at one time the best restored Tucker out there.  Tucker #46 was sold as rolling chassis never finished from the factory.   The man who bought it from the Tucker auction had a Olds drive train put under it.   The second owner bought it and happened to own a  Mercury dealership so he had his body shop put a Mercury drive train and chassis under it. When the current owner bought the car him & Mark thought it would be best to put the car back as a Tucker.  So Mark sold him most the parts and put him in touch with RM auctions to do the full restoration.  Our job was to remove the Mercury chassis and make it drivable so it can be displayed next to the car when it is fully restored.  This is not a cheap restoration but seeing one just sold for 2.6 million the 200,000+ its going to cost is worth it.

A.M.I / Wyotech

Good to see Kurt Heinrich still teaching at Wyotech in Daytona.  When I went there in 2004 it was known as A.M.I.  It was a beat up old hotel that the owner had let fall into horrible disrepair.  In that  same year it was bought by Wyotech.   With in a year the campus had moved into a new beautiful building.  I went through the Harley program and learned alot from Kurt.  The man knows his Harley's!  He has a 69 900 stroker sportster that will eat any big twin!The funny thing was I was riding a Triumph and till this day I wrench on more Triumphs then Harleys.

32 Ford

  I worked at a now closed hot rod shop a while ago and we built this car.   The 32 came from a border town across from the tip of Texas.  It was a rolling chassis covered in oil when it showed up to the shop.  The guy who sold it to us told us said that it was the president of Mexico's  car and that at one point it was given to his son who raced it.  Though its a good story there is no proof that the president of mexico owned this car.  The only true thing is that the car was raced at some point.  It has a modified back window and a 37 cross member in it.  When we gave the car a bath is showed 3 layers of different paint jobs.  When we saw this Bobby ( a con artist who was running the shop, more like robbing the shop) decided that we would leave it the way it is.  I wanted to repaint it the purple that was showing through.  We installed a later flathead engine, a top loader trans that we bought from Tony Teirney( Poncho Teirney's nephew)and a quick change rear.  He also worked on assembling the car.  We had Jeff Shea ( Wholeshot Tattoo) letter and number the car.  He gave the numbers and lettering a patina look to go with the look of the car.  The funny thing is that every buyer of the car thinks its the real deal.  Because of the lettering people really think this car was raced in Tijuana.  I doubt the car ever seen Tijuana.  The lettering on the trunk lid came from a old water decal that Bobby had bought off ebay.  Well the shop took a bad turn and I left before the car was totally finished.  Bobby's con game drove me away.  When the con was up and Bobby was busted, I was asked to  come back to finish the car.  By that time no one who started building the car was there to finish the car.  When I was gone Bobby hired Jeff to work in the shop little did he know he was being conned to.  Mark the real owner of everything and the one who was being conned out of all the coin, shut the shop down and sent everything to auction.  The real shame is that the car has been sold off a few times with a b.s story and the ones who built it got no credit.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Andersons cast pegs

I love cast pegs I  enjoy buying a set.  I won't pay a arm and a leg because it says Anderson though. Really, can you tell the difference.  One of these is not a Anderson.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pre unit & Cushman

 I built this 57 Triumph awhile back.  It was put together out of parts around the garage.  The frame had  a long stretch.  If I had it today I would bring the rear tire in a few inches.  It went up to Boston.
The Cushman I restored.  I believe it was a 56.  It turned out sharp.  Never worked on a Cushman before it was a fun project.  I wish I could find the pictures of it finished.

Some older pics

 Battle of The Brits Austin and me.  His bike is looking so much better w/ a peanut tank and tall sissy bar.  Pulling the engine on it to night to rebuild it.  Clean out that sludge trap!
 Ron Finch. He lives about 5 miles from me great guy.  Next time I'm at his studio I will take some pictures.  The place is awesome!
RoadtoGlory made it in Outlaw Biker Magazine a little while ago with Detroit Autorama Coverage.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Scrapyard 45 trans

A friend told Austin & me about a 45 trans in a scrapyard close to us.  We went and grabbed it a couple of weeks ago.  It was locked up and looking nasty so naturally I took it apart.  I had the case welded, it had a crack in the lower part of the case and the fill tube was broke.  It needs some bearings and gears but a 45 trans for $15! It will go on the shelf until I find a 45 engine.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

71 Triumph Cafe I've been messing around with.  Would love to get it done before the month is up.  I rebuilt the engine used 10:1 pistons.  Polished the ports and combustion chambers.   I took some q's from o.i.f dirt/road race frames I've seen.  Put a stronger neck gusset still got some more to do.  Behind the oil tank and the swing arm.   I still got finishing work to do on the tail section, side covers and the rear sets.  Need to score some exhaust, reverse megaphones or supertrapps would be nice.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well finally after 10yrs of owning and a long story of  ups and downs. On a cold wet January afternoon I rode my Indian for the 1st time!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Germs - Manimal

The germs - lets pretend

The Germs - Shut Down

Finally watched "What we do it Secret" Last night. So I thought I would post The Germs.  When I was in 2nd grade I walked into my good friends room and saw this vinyl.  His older  brother was a punk. At that time I was very young I didn't even know what punk was I was in in 2nd grade.  We put it on the record play and I was blown away!  The chaos, the screams, broken bottle, some guy yelling "get me a beer"I was hooked.  The recording was horrible the bands song were broke up by chaos going on.  We played that album all the time even playing it backwards which we swore Darby was saying satan.  At that age I didn't really get what Darby was saying it was dark and deep.  It wasn't until my teenage years when the home life was crumbling that Darby's lyrics hit me.  The GI album is one of the greatest RocknRoll albums ever.  It is what RocknRoll was meant to be.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Almost done!
Austin's choppa is getting a peanut tank and sissybar this weekend! Plus a engine rebuild clean that sludge trap!