Monday, January 30, 2012

Tucker #46

When I worked for Mark at Nostalgic Motoring, we worked on alot of exotics.  One of the coolest was the Tucker #46.  Mark is a Tucker nut.  He owned at one time the best restored Tucker out there.  Tucker #46 was sold as rolling chassis never finished from the factory.   The man who bought it from the Tucker auction had a Olds drive train put under it.   The second owner bought it and happened to own a  Mercury dealership so he had his body shop put a Mercury drive train and chassis under it. When the current owner bought the car him & Mark thought it would be best to put the car back as a Tucker.  So Mark sold him most the parts and put him in touch with RM auctions to do the full restoration.  Our job was to remove the Mercury chassis and make it drivable so it can be displayed next to the car when it is fully restored.  This is not a cheap restoration but seeing one just sold for 2.6 million the 200,000+ its going to cost is worth it.

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