Monday, January 30, 2012

A.M.I / Wyotech

Good to see Kurt Heinrich still teaching at Wyotech in Daytona.  When I went there in 2004 it was known as A.M.I.  It was a beat up old hotel that the owner had let fall into horrible disrepair.  In that  same year it was bought by Wyotech.   With in a year the campus had moved into a new beautiful building.  I went through the Harley program and learned alot from Kurt.  The man knows his Harley's!  He has a 69 900 stroker sportster that will eat any big twin!The funny thing was I was riding a Triumph and till this day I wrench on more Triumphs then Harleys.


  1. .
    That building was already, ready to be torn down in 1988 !
    Kurt, Gained à lot grey hair since 1988 !
    Did Dave still worked there ?

  2. I was there in 04-05. Great guy. Was also visiting him att Wayotec in 2000