Monday, January 9, 2012

Finally watched "What we do it Secret" Last night. So I thought I would post The Germs.  When I was in 2nd grade I walked into my good friends room and saw this vinyl.  His older  brother was a punk. At that time I was very young I didn't even know what punk was I was in in 2nd grade.  We put it on the record play and I was blown away!  The chaos, the screams, broken bottle, some guy yelling "get me a beer"I was hooked.  The recording was horrible the bands song were broke up by chaos going on.  We played that album all the time even playing it backwards which we swore Darby was saying satan.  At that age I didn't really get what Darby was saying it was dark and deep.  It wasn't until my teenage years when the home life was crumbling that Darby's lyrics hit me.  The GI album is one of the greatest RocknRoll albums ever.  It is what RocknRoll was meant to be.

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