Sunday, April 8, 2012

Boozefighters Chopper Magazine 1977

This is one of the best articles Choppers Magazines ever printed! Its a good one so I thought I would post it, I'm not sure if anyone has before.   In 1977 it seems that "The Boozefighters" the real 1%er's were lost to time over shadowed by what the outlaw and the chopper world had become.  By this time racing nor the AMA had anything to do with being a outlaw.   Our country seemed burned out, years of war,OPEC, a drug problem and job loss.  The greatest things about America being torn down or sent to the scrap yard.   Antique Harley's were worth penny's and a Indian's were thought of as junk.    I often think of the 70's as the start of the down fall of everything that was good about America.   Only a few keep to the roots of things trying to preserve what they knew was right. By the 80's everything that was old was thrown out.  I watched it as a kid, my grandfather ran a garbage business since he got home from WW2.  Just imagine the things he threw away. Anyway thank god for original "The Boozefighters" for preserving some of our motorcycle heritage.   It gave a lot of lost punk rock kids in the 90's something to be proud of.  This is just one reason the WW2 generation is known as the greatest!

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