Thursday, November 29, 2012

Detroit Fort street bridge light

Picked this up off Craigslist yesterday. This is the top of the light pole cast alum circa 20's.  Think it was 2 years ago I was working on a house in Allen Park.  Everyday I drove over the Rouge and watched them tearing down the old bridge.  The guy I bought this off of was working on the road and had 4 thugs get out of a car and beat him into the hospital.  Part of the  Rouge area  is called the DelRay.  It is old and kinda lost by time.  Not many people venture into this part of Detroit unless you live or work there.  The structures are amazing built in a time when immigrants were moving from all over the world to Detroit. In 1930 the population of this part of Detroit was 23,000 now it is around 2,000.

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