Monday, December 3, 2012

Reggae and motorcyles

I'm a huge reggae fan! My Dad introduced rasta and reggae to me when I was a child.  Reggae is always on in my house.  It is a major soundtrack to my life in and out of the garage.  Reggae and motorcycles have a great history.  The small displacement bike was a perfect match for the island.  Cheap and easy on gas and you could load a hundred "45's" on the rack.  The record industry was built with a major help from the bike.  A song could be recorded, a "45" pressed and be cranking at the local Sound System in a matter of hours. The motorcycle was a quick way to get the record there.   Really its how the first album was ever spoke over by URoy.  Which lead to the creation of Hip Hop down the road.  The studio recorded the album so quick that when they pressed the "45" they forgot to record the vocals.  When URoy got the "45" at the SoundSystem, he dropped the needle to only realize there was no vocals.  So what did URoy do? He picked up the mic and made history!

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