Thursday, July 21, 2011

30 D Frame

So the weekend never ended! Sunday I sold my bike.  Which ruled it gave me cash to move forward on other projects.  On Monday Billy and Peter showed up to the house.  There both from England here buying  parts and bikes.  Two killer dudes.  Had a great time selling and  bullshitting with them.  Well I sold them enough to give me some extra cash.  Well when I woke up Tuesday I looked on craigslist and holy shit there was the D frame i was looking for.  I had talked to Jeff in the past but lost his contact info.  It was fate.  I call said I wanted it.  Just one problem.  He was in Canada and didn't want to cross the border.  Well  I don't have my pass port or a enhanced license, so how was I going to get across.  He told me of the ferry that goes across at Marine City.  He told me, I should be alright crossing there.  So I grabbed the partner in crime Ronny and we jammed toward the river.  So we get there get on the ferry and this dude starts telling us we're nuts trying to cross with no proper i.d.  Ronny face was showing he was worried.  I was doing it I didn't care. I needed this frame! So next thing you know where in Canada.  Ronny wouldn't get off the ferry but I did.   Canadian customs were very cool.  As I 'm doing the deal the ferry leaves with Ronny on it.  Well Ronny had to go threw U.S customs by himself, dude was a prick to Ronny.  Which is funny cause Ronny don't like talking to people with a badge.  He didn't know if i was being held in Canada and I had the keys to the truck.  Sure he was a little nervous but With in 15 minutes I was on the next ferry to the U.S with a frame in my arms.  It was the best frame I've seen and for the right price.  I'm geeked.  That was also the first time I've took a ride on a ferry too.  Good day

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