Friday, November 25, 2011

71 Triumph Cafe Trans

Finally got time and the bearing I needed to get the trans back into the 71.  71-72 are not known as being the best Triumph produced.  There is a few reasons for this most have to do with the trans.  In 71 Triumph developed the 5 speed trans for the 650.  When doing this the 4 speed also got a major change too, the removal of the cam plate plunger.  Using a design from BSA, Triumph decided to place a piece of spring steel as the cam plunger.  Not very smart.  Not only is it a bitch to time, it becomes weak allowing the bike to pop out of gear.  In 73 it was changed back to the pre71 cam plunger.  The new O.I.F frame design, also came from BSA.  71-72 has a higher ride height which also was lowered in 73.   The good thing about 71-72 Triumphs is the price.  

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