Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Craig's Sportster hard tail

Craig's sportster! Finally grabbed some shots with it in mock up.  This frame was some work!  I had this guy working with me doing most of my fab and welding.  At first everything was going good.  We told Craig we would build a hard tail for his bike.  No problem Right! Well next thing I know dude is going off acting like a idiot and starts eating acid again.  Now mind you dude is 40 something years old.   Next thing you know he's blowing me off and disappearing.  Great! I've lined up this frame job plus others and all we're my friends.  So with working 40+ hours a week swinging the hammer, then coming home to wrench on  bikes.  I was getting worried.  I'm a man of my word I don't screw people over.  After hunting down this asshole I had it.  My friends wanted their frames! I flipped I told the dude never to show his face around here again in a few choice words.  Then I do what I do get shit done!  I worked day and night to get caught up which hmmm. 6 months or so later I feel like I'm still behind.   I think the frame turned out great though.  I love the look of the single hoop frames.

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